Tomb of Sargeras guides

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Tomb of Sargeras guides

Post by Kucer » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:16 am

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Re: Tomb of Sargeras guides

Post by Vir » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:27 am

Hatchi shared this guide too: ... s.pdf?dl=0

My notes will arrive at some point.

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Re: Tomb of Sargeras guides

Post by Halur » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:53 pm

Here are the Angry Assignments for the raid we've been using so far

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|cRedEveryone |r
     *When targeted by  {icon 233279}{spell 233279} aim through at least 1 pillar
     *Hide behind pillars during {icon 233062}{spell 233062}

     *Swap on {icon 231363}{spell 231363} and run
     *Don't let explosion touch pillars

{dps}{healer}|cGreenDPS & Healers
     *Avoid spikes when targeted with {icon 230345}{spell 230345}
{bl}Lust on open

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-------------------DEMONIC INQUISITION---------------
|cRedEveryone |r
     *Wait to {icon 233652}[Confess] with a tank, healer, and DPS.
     *Dodge {icon 239135}{spell 239135} in the cage
     *When caged from {icon 233652}[Confess], leave as a group.

     *Don't threat Belac, stack the bosses
     *Face Artigan away from raid
     *Kite Artigan during {icon 233441}{spell 233441}
     *Move Artigan away before {icon 235230}{spell 235230} from Belac

{dps}{healer}|cGreenDPS & Healers
     *Move away from others with {icon 233983}{spell 233983}

     *Wait to dispell {icon 233983}{spell 233982} until safe

{bl}Lust on open once stacked

{icon 207438}|cYellowInterrupt Order for {icon 239401}{spell 239401}

Code: Select all

|cRedEveryone |r
     *|cYellowDPS ADDS FIRST|r - Wavemender > Others
     *Interrupt Wavemenders {icon 233371}{spell 233371}
     *Stack behind boss
     *Dodge {icon 231768}{spell 231768} during {icon 232061}{spell 232061}
     *Hug walls during {icon 233429}{spell 233429} and dodge {icon 231768}{spell 231768}

     *Tank on Murloc spawn area
     *Turn Harjatan to group for {icon 231854}{spell 231854} @ |cYellow100 Energy
     *Swap at 4-5 stacks of {icon 231998}{spell 231998}

{dps}{healer}|cGreenDPS & Healers
     *Kite when fixated with {icon 234128}{spell 234128}

     *Use major CDs during {icon 231854}{spell 231854} & {icon 232174}{spell 232174}
     |cYellowHealer CD Rotation

{bl}Lust on open once stacked

Code: Select all

-------------------MISTRESS SASSZ'INE--------------------
|cPurplePhase 1
|cRedEveryone |r
     *Spread out when targeted with {icon 230139}{spell 230139}
     *Stand on {icon 230139}{spell 230139} lines to split damage
          *|cRedOnly absorb ONE|r
     *Stand in {icon 230358}{spell 230358} to dispell {icon 230384}{spell 230384}

     *Swap on {icon 230201}{spell 230201}
     *Tank with {icon 230201}{spell 230201} collects adds
          *|cRedAvoid {icon 230139}{spell 230139}

{dps}{healer}|cGreenDPS & Healers
     *Move away from others with {icon 233983}[Echoing Anguish]

     *Stop DPS on Abyss Stalkers around 10%
     *Finish killing Abyss Stalkers after {icon 232722}{spell 232722}
     * {icon 230384}{spell 230384} add |cYellowRazorjaw Waverunner|r is |cRedTOP|r priority
     * Interrupt Razorjaw Waverunner

     *Dispell {icon 230358}{spell 230358} stun ASAP

|cPurplePhase 2
     *Run out of the bubble line after {icon 232757}{spell 232757}
     *Avoid patches of {icon 232913}{spell 232913}
     *Run against the draw from {icon 232746}{spell 232746}
     *Jump in {icon 232913}{spell 232913} if close to {icon 232746}{spell 232746} and get sucked in.
          *|cYellow ONLY NEED THREE

|cPurplePhase 3
{bl}Lust in P3
Deal with all the abilities

Code: Select all

-------------SISTERS OF THE MOON-------------------------
     *Spread out, try not to switch sides often, the room switch will suffice.
     * {icon 234998}{spell 234998} will trigger when switching sides

|cPurplePhase 1 - Huntress Kasparian
     *Trigger {icon 234998}{spell 234998} to remove {icon 236519}{spell 236519}
     *Avoid {icon 236516}{spell 236516} areas
     *Stack to share {icon 236547}{spell 236547}
     *When you receive {icon 236550}{spell 236550} switch sides
{dps}{healer}|cgreenDPS & Healers
     *Avoid the path of {icon 236541}{spell 236541}
          *When targeted, move away and stay still
          *If high on {icon 234996}{spell 234996} cross sides
{icon 236357}{spell 236357} is full - {icon 236304}Incorporeal Shot is cast
     *Target move to middle, everyone line up to absorb

|cPurplePhase 2 - 70% HP - Captain Yathe Moonstrike
     *Dodge {icon 236541}{spell 236541} same as |cPurpleP1
{tank}|cGreenTanks|r pick up owl add
{dps}|cGreenDPS|r focus owl - Save CDs for last 25%
{icon 236357}{spell 236357} is full - {icon 233263}{spell 233263} is cast
     *{healer}|cGreenHealers|r heal through shield on players
     *{dps}|cgreenDPS|r save CDs and burn through boss shield
     *|cyellowSpread out before buff explodes - 8 Yards

|cPurplePhase 3 - 40% HP - Priestess Lunaspyre
     *Move away with {icon 236712}{spell 236712} - Stay out of Beacon
{icon 236357}{spell 236357} is full - {icon 236480}{spell 236480} is cast
     *Stay away from center, dodge glaives as they move out

Code: Select all

-----------------THE DESOLATE HOST-----------------------------
     *Raid splits - 50% Corporeal / 50% Spirit Realm

|cPurpleSprit Realm
     *When targeted with {icon 236449}{spell 236449} stand on {circle}
     *During {icon 236072}{spell 236072} all but 1 Healer + Tank leave
     *Use magic mitigation for {icon 236340}{spell 236340}
     *Collect and kite all adds slowly around the room, dropping rot
     *Spread from Soul Residue add before it dies to avoid explosion
     *If there is {icon 236513}{spell 236513} in corporeal, stand on {star} when targeted with {icon 236515}{spell 236515}
     *Don't kill |cYellowFallen Priestess|r until all {icon 236513}{spell 236513} is gone

|cGreenCorporeal Realm
     *Ranged spread out
     *When targeted with {icon 236449}{spell 236449} stand on {x}
     *Place {icon 235989}{spell 235989} around sides of room.
          *|cRed DO NOT STAND IN {icon 235989}{spell 235989} |credWITH {icon 235989}{spell 235989}
     *Avoid waves from {icon 235956}{spell 235956}
     *Tank all adds at {skull} near Engine of Souls
     *Use active mitigation for {icon 236142}{spell 236142}

|cYellowPhase 2 - 30%
All adds dead before transition {Bl}|cRedLust|r here
{icon 236542}{spell 236542}|cGreenCorporeal|r within 15yds - |cPurpleSpirit|r far away
{icon 236544}{spell 236544}|cPurpleSpirit|r within 15yds - |cGreenCorporeal|r far away
{healer}|cGreenHealers|r dispell Spirit Chains

Code: Select all

---------------MAIDEN OF VIGILANCE-------------------------
{icon 235213}{spell 235213} on Left {star}
{icon 235240}{spell 235240} on Right {triangle}

Touching opposite type or player will give {icon 240209}{spell 240209}
{icon 240209}{spell 240209}|cRed You MUST jump in the pit with 1.5 Seconds or less on debuff
{icon 235267}{spell 235267} instantly puts out 3 {icon 240209}{spell 240209} - Be ready to jump

|cPurplePhase 1
Only stack with your color tank
{icon 235213}{spell 235213} {tank}|cGreenTank|r First
     *Stack on tank to absorb {icon 235569}{spell 235569}
After {icon 235569}{spell 235569} the {icon 235240}{spell 235240}{tank}|cGreenTank|r taunts
     *Stack on tank to absorb {icon 235240}{spell 235240}

|cPurplePhase 2
|cRedDo NOT pre-move before {icon 248812}{spell 248812}
Absorb your color orbs on the way to boss
Save CDs to burn through shield. Interrupt once shield is down

Code: Select all

--------------FALLEN AVATAR--------------------------
|cPurplePhase 1 {bl}
     *Run when targeted by {icon 236604}{spell 236604}
     *Dodge the path of {icon 236604}{spell 236604}
     *Stay mobile during {icon 234059}{spell 234059}
     *Run far during {icon 235572}{spell 235572}
     *Position Maiden within the beam
     *Swap jobs on 2 stacks of {icon 236494}{spell 236494}
     *Target Maiden during {icon 233856}{spell 233856} use CDs
     *Kill Maiden before Fallen Avatar reaches 100 Energy
|cPurplePhase 2
     *Stand in purple circles to absorb {icon 239739}{spell 239739}

Code: Select all

|cPurplePhase 1
{icon 235059}{spell 235059}
     *Do not stand inside the orb, leathal damage
     *Turn your back to where you want to land, don't fall off
     *If in the center, aim your back to the corner
{icon 240910}{spell 240910}
     *Players absorb the small ones
     *Tank or immunity soak the big one
          {tank}|cGreenTank with the lowest {icon 239932}{spell 239932}
     *Taunt every 4-5 stacks of {icon 239932}{spell 239932}
     *Position Kil'jaeden where the {icon 235059}{spell 235059} drops

{icon 238505}{spell 238505} - Line up to soak the beam (Call Immunity)
{icon 238429}{spell 238429} - Targets spread out on edge

|cPurplePhase 2 - 80% HP
{icon 238505}{spell 238505} - Run far away to allow others to soak the beam
{icon 236710}{spell 236710} - Stack under boss to drop add
{dps}|cGreenDPS|r focus the adds - Cleave

Stick with a healer and search for Illidan. Once found all collapse
Kill Shadowsouls once Illidan is found.
{healer}|cgreenHealers|r extra healing to counter {icon 241822}{spell 241822}

|cPurplePhase 3 - 40% HP
Avoid Rift tears unless necessary
Avoid Obelisks completely
Move next to rift to gain {icon 239155}{spell 239155} before {icon 239216}{spell 239216} cast.
Post suggestions for the bosses here

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